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Dianysma - Vector And Force Manipulator Warframe


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Lore -> After the discoveries of ancient orokin documents, Lotus has discovered one that has shown the manufacture of a rare warframe named Dianysma, documents show very little information since most of the files got spread into the void making it hard to discover the role of this warframe in the orokin arsenal. Despite the lack of information, Lotus discovers that this particular warframe is based on the manipulation of the vectors, (vectors are invisible "arrows" that go to a certain direction, [don't judge if i lack info, you may correct though]) making Dianysma a dangerous warframe, convencing the Lotus to produce an extremely complex compound called ycterium, providing the lotus the finishing touches to create dianysma, providing the remaining abilities that dianysma needed to be complete.



1st Ability - Vector Lash. 3 energy per second -> Dianysma creates a deflection barrier, changing projectiles and shockwaves' path to different directions with chances of inflicting damage to the surrounding enemies, friendly tenno between 2 - 5 meters from the shield will be protected against enemy projectiles and shockwaves.


2nd Ability - Action/Reaction. 50 energy cost -> Focusing the vectors on its weapons and enemy projectiles, Dianysma can make a potent blow whether dealing massive impact damage with its weapons for 5 seconds or redirecting the shells to the enemy's weapon, forcing them to reload due to clip damage (Take note that this ability has a timer, on it's first trigger the ability will activate Action, which will activate a 2 second timer, between those 2 seconds you can choose between enabling Reaction or clicking the fire button to activate Action)


3rd ability - Accelerator 75 energy cost -> Between a 60º radius, every hostile inside that radius will succumb to the merciless technique of Dianysma, alternating and changing the movement of their blood flow to opposite directions, knocking them out and taking damage over time each 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds.


4th ability - Fusion. 100 energy cost -> By manipulating the vectors around the field, Dianysma compresses  and accelerates the atoms around the warframe creating a massive ball of plasma which can be used as a Frightening area of effect or a deadly beam, inflicting deadly amounts of damage whether AoE, whether laser beam. (The AoE option can be triggered by pressing the melee button and the beam option can be triggered with the fire button, the beam is active for 3 seconds dealing damage each 0.5 seconds)


Why have I decided to create this post ? - well since there was no vector based warframe, I decided to come up with this idea of having this mysterious orokin warframe.


You may question "why did you put vector and FORCE based warframe in the title?" -> Well as you know vectors control the force, the longer the vector is the stronger the force that will be applied and if there's no reaction vector the force will be duplicated.


Now about this Ycterium - well, it's based on 5 Materials, 3 of which are rare components, 2 orokin cells, 10 morphics, 1 argon crystal, 5000 scrap and 1000 circuits, the Ycterium will be present on the head and systems blueprint requiring a total of 2 ycterium compounds to create Dianysma.



Got no art cause I suck at drawing, so don't expect any art soon.




PS. The stats need to be made by DE since they are the ones who make the frames

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