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Improve Clan System


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Hey guys,

I was taking a look at the "Clan" system and is seems completly useless to me except maybe to get some more friends but thats it. I believe there should be some planets and alerts that will only let you play if everyone playing is in the same clan this can build up the coop feel to the game.

Also if the pvp idea will go through (im not sure of anything) then there could be clan wars and I think that will be pretty much self explained.

But not also just in pvp but also in the pve world, you could have competitions on which clans collects more mods, or killed more enemies, or finished more missions, or bosses killed. But, I think defensive missions would have to be excluded because then people would just farm them. You could design another small solor system just for clan battles maybe. The competitions would last over a week's time this way everyone in the clans has an oppurtunity to contribute. Some of them can be speical evets tho that last only a day and some could last a month, these are all suggestions. At the end of the competition the clans that win each category would recieve prizes. Maybe platinum or weapons or extra mods, there could be tons of stuff.

Let me know what you guys think of the idea. :)

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Well Update 8 (the next major update we're waiting on) is being referred to as 'Rise of the Warlords', and a large part of it will be aimed at developing the clan system and giving life to them.

As for PvP, it's a very contentious issue among these forums so I'd be careful, and whether or not it is implemented, everyone agrees on one thing - it is a LONG way away, so I wouldn't worry about it for now.

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