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Mirage+Amprex = Op Damage


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Hello, sorry for posting this again but i found it too broken not to bee seen, and i dont know how i can delete my topic in the general tab, but here it goes anyway.


I was just playing Mirage and wether this is intended or not, i noticed once i mirrored myself i got guaranteed red crits on my amprex while i held my mouse button and the damage went up in the hundreds of thousands.


Feel free to test this out for yourself and post screenshots so DE can see this.





My game crashed numerous times trying to recplicate this.

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It does this with my Soma. Each bullet does about 80k+ in red crits for 'each' clone, not just one. So that's 80k x 4 for each bullet in a Soma clip. I'm thinking that's a bug.

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