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Redirection And Vitality


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DE, I think it's time that these mods scale off your maximum hp/shield instead of your base unmodded values seeing as how enemies start to do double and even triple digit damage through regular attacks, abilities or just inherent mechanics.

It would give people a chance to get to safety once revived during later areas rather than get up and instantly down again.

It would also make sense comparing the enemy hp/shield:

Few thousand to tens of thousands vs our few hundred and barely breaking a thousand at most. In addition, their number of hits per second that we take from scaled AI weapons combined with 30/50/100 damage instances or ticks and pinpoint accuracy means almost no chance to react.

Finally, it would give trinity a better buffer for casting blessing; during higher level defense or survival, if a frame takes a few hits, they're down and out, while not giving trinity the few seconds to cast blessing.

If anyone else thinks otherwise, please feel free to list your pros and cons.

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People were steam rolling enemies and complaining about lack of challenge.  T4 rolls around and gives some small semblance of difficulty which is a band-aid method at best.  Now you want WFs buffed even more.  I'm at a loss.


If you're taking way too much damage then you have probably gone a good ways into an endless defense mission.  Most WFs use tactics and their abilities for various methods of damage avoidance and mitigation.


Trinity's changes have made her more than a one button invulnerability WF.  You can use link and blessing to do long invulnerability casts or you can drop down to short insta full heal blessings. (R1 Blessing + Max Fleeting expertise to lower duration).  Coupled with energy vampire to provide mass amounts of energy to team she is a helluva support WF. (THE WHOLE POINT)

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