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Por Que No Los Dos? (Opinion Of The New Ui)


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Hey everyone! I usually never post feedback or practically anything on the forums, but I feel like I must add my two cents or more if I have to put in more than two cents.


First and foremost, I would like to congratulate all you guys at DE for making one of the most unique and entertaining games that I will ever play in my life time, when I needed support I got help and when I had nothing to do on Friday nights or didn't want to write essays and procrastinate I went straight to this game. I feel like my feedback might not be the only one that is not overly enthusiastic toward the permanent change to the menu screen change to the all ship UI.


I personally like the idea and all the aspects such as customizing and a fully immersible UI in order to play the game. I think it is quite unique and enjoyable to an extant, however I personally feel that I am not experiencing movement and smooth flowing like the past UI's that have come from this game. Granted it is easy just to press ESC to open it up but the level of immersion into this UI is kind of tricky to understand and navigate through. For instance, I cant seem to understand when I want to change my Warframe or anything else in the arsenal out I see the back of the warframe the entire time until I want to recolor the Warframe. Also the rate of movement that went with my mouse while I was going through all of the menus was just too much for me in my opinion which in time can cause motion sickeness with my amount of time playing this game.


I honestly will say that I am not a big fan of change when I feel that what I have experienced in the past was optimal compared to what is new and leaves a confusing first impression. The title to this topic just suggest "Why not both?" or something like that from the Old El Paso taco commercial, so any ways I would like to propose a way to allow both menu UI's for those who rather enjoy the fully immersible UI in-game and the older version. I just personally feel that the other UI suited me best compared to this UI because knowing that I am in a menu screen that has everything visible in front of me that only requires a mouse and a still-camera to navigate through is less strain on my eyes and confusing then having to press ESC and trying to find which thing has what I want and trying to read while the screen is moving with my mouse which also moves the warframe's head.


The other two cents I would like to put in is a possible way to please both parties, but most likely won't happen. At the login screen, after pressing login a small menu would appear suggesting to either go to your personal ship (new UI) or enter Combat Center (Old UI) including an option to remember the selected choice for later logins. (And naturally the setting can be changed in Game Settings tab).


Just to clarify all that I have said, I am not bashing or saying that the idea of this UI is bad or regressive compared to the previous UI, but that I felt more comfortable with the old UI and thought it was optimal and balanced experience between main menu and in-game. I again would like to also clarify that the new UI is very cool and unique experience as to being immersible in to the game, but I enjoy the seperation of a main menu and in-game to justify when I am actually playing the game and when I am not playing but getting ready to play.


DE, thank you for this wonderful update and all of its contents involved. I might just be crazy and need time to adjust to this change but at the sametime I felt that my opinion concerning the new UI and an opinionated solution should be heard and duly noted. Thank you again for all that you guys do to continue to make this game the best one out there.

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Hey Pepz, don't be disrespectful please. This is a topic I am quite concerned about and something I wanted to cover in extant to what I can, if it is too much for you then don't be rude and post "Too long; Didn't read" when I already understood that it is quite long. In the future if you find a post to be too long or extensive, can you please be respectful by not posting at all and move on.

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