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Update 14 (Fun But Buggy) & Creating A New Account?



I got into warframe several months ago and progressed pretty far into the game. I even supported the game and bought some plat. Update 14 is awesome and love almost everything but don't understand everything. I got several of my friends to start playing this game/get back into it and as I'm attempting to explain things the game is getting buggy and crashing and other issues making all of us frusturated. I feel like starting a brand new account would be the best for me. I would be upset because i would lose tons of progress weapons warframes and prime gear (and lets not forget my dojo) but at the same time i feel i would better understand many of the new changes. Is there a way I can reset my warframe account so i don't have to create a new name. And would it be possible to still keep my stuff if that was possible but just not have access to them until I reach a certain point. If you have read this far I thank you and I'm curious to hear if any other players out there are thinking the same thing.

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