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Can't Unlock Missions On Mercury Past Odin


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Well guess my warframe playing on PC is now back to zero until this bug gets fixed...



6 hotfixes and none of them address this PROGRESS STOPPING BUG.... But hey the Earth is now spinning the right way!



Apparently DE's been slowly downsizing their QA department or didn't bother to do a few more debug sessions before hit the go button on Update 14....


I mean how do you ship a game/update that doesn't have exit button on the login screen!?

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In my case the all the missions won't unlock, except for solo or host.

I (thought) I unlocked a lot of maps with a friend of mine(host) the last days but actually no progress at all for me.


This HAS to be fixed in the next days, I won't play warframe if I either have to play a mission 4 times for each member or solo -.- 

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- you can't CHOOSE to host a game and

- playing certain missions solo is almost impossible to beginners

it's neccesary that all players of a party get the misson unlocked.


I'd really like to get an answer to this from DE. If that is not fixed, the game is lost time.

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