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Update 14: Exploding Heads


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Here are some things that would be nice to fix (things that i noticed):


1. Alerts: You have to search the alert from the planets by yourself, can't just click one to enter the alert mission.

2 .Missions: When you want to enter a mission, you have to pick a planet > mission > click accept mission.

And which mission unlocks the next mission in the planet, what is missions order?

3. Codex: While trying to see how cool is Silva & Aegis: you will only see Silva (the sword), which is under your belt height. You wont be able to see Aegis since it doesn't fit into the view.

4. Foundry: You can only see 6 items at the time. And there is way too much details about the items. Besides why there is this "(i)ACQUIRE MATERIALS AND BUILD NEW ITEMS (i)"...what does that even mean?

5. Mods:

Why there are 4 sections of mod viewings:  "Sell for credits" - "fusio mods" -  "transmute mods" - "view mods"? It was so easy to sell and fusio and transmute mods in U13.

Can see only half of the last row of mods.

6. Buying equipments: When you buy more Codex Scanners, you can't see that how many you will get with 500cr (it is actually 25)...Why I can buy only one click at  the time, why not so that i can buy equipments in bigger stacks?

7. Missions results: Players are stacked up in a small area, even that there is a big area made for them.

Can see only 2 and 2halfs of mods, 3 differents stats from players doings.


Update 14 is in some points good, but there just came too much new things and too fast:


UI-change = over runned me

Game crashes




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