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Oda❀Clan Recruitment


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Behind the ODA:

We are old gamers who were interested in Warframe development and are still following it with great enjoyment!


What we do:
Oda always had strong performers over its time, so many old players are still reaching the limits and developing great performance in PVE or PVP.


What we expect from new players:
We don’t expect much as we like to help new Tenno to reach their needs and set them on the right way so they could relax and enjoy the game.


Our plans:
Since the game reaches a very interesting turn in U14 game play, we thought that we should upgrade our clan to Shadow and find new interesting minds to join our clan.
We are also planning to join Alliance but first we want to sort our clan member list and provide promotions for active members.


As we are increasing our clan we will develop list of promotions for players who will decide to put their effort and activity to manage clan members and their needs.


We always keep dojo up to date.


We use Steam Group option because it is well built for info, announcements, discussions and more...

How to join us:

1.     Contact IGN: Wolfreak

2.     Find us on steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/odaclanwarframe

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