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Guardians Of The Ursa(Casual, Friendly, And Relaxed.)


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Howdy, Guardians of the Ursa is a relaxed, friendly Clan currently sitting at a simple nine members of good friends who enjoy the game for what it brings to the console. We all simply enjoy the content, the running, the challenge, and the freedom. 


As a Warlord I strive to have my members be casual people who get along with each other and have fun. This doesn't mean we don't get competitive, we do have Dojo Duels and occasionally enjoy some Conclave matches, but we are easy to get along with and know how to take a joke. 


I accept almost everyone, with a few rare occasions, but those are truly rare. We accept everyone from the new-gamer, to the Roleplayer. I myself am actually a Lore-guy and Roleplayer. We don't descriminate from anyone or anything, so if you are interested just post here with your PSN name, or send me a message on the Console or in Game.


As always, your fellow Gamer, UrsaMajor

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