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Liset Aesthetic Is Inconsistant With Everything Else.


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I think you are somehow right.

I first was astonished about the changes of U14 and did not really think about the consistency of the designs.
But I am quite sure they will not change that soon, because I guess they have been working long on the design either way.


As for the dojo, that does not look neither majestic as the derelict (even damaged by the infested) nor has an orokin touch on the outside.
The inside is quite similar to the liset however. I guess the orokin technology has been updated by the tennos after their awakening.



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I think what makes it look more corpus than tenno are the repeating design elements that look rather simple and are more along the lines of corpus design.  Also doesn't help that most of the inside of the ship is chrome.  The outside looks more organic and has a lot more detail and feels closer to the warframes designs.

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@ Gwyyn ... I partially agree with you, especially the general layout and the form of the internal stations

BUT the cockpit front window has the lotus petal theme on it, something the Corpus NEVER used, at least as best to my memory


Therefore, it think that the ship is PURELY a LOTUS design - or maybe a pure Tenno design


Maybe the Corpus includes the original subcontractors in the construction of the Liset and thus accounts for the resemblance to current Corpus equipment?


If you are trying to make the point that the graphic designers at DE somehow inadvertently flubbed it all up and overlooked the "Corpus flair" to it, I would guess not


If anything, artistic design has been VERY rigorously consistent thus far

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