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Orokin Reactor Retrieval


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I currently have 4 Warframe slots and 4 Warframes, I was planning on making a new one and selling my old Excalibur since I now have other Warframes and don't see my self going back to it any time soon and if I did i could just make it again.

However Excalibur has a reactor in it and would be a bit annoying losing that reactor when I sell it. Which made me think of the idea if you could when selling a Warframe be able to extract the reactor along with it.

Seems like it wouldn't be a bad addition since unless you buy enough platinum to unlock 13 or so Warframe slots you would have to sell some Warfames to be able to use them all. And since the whole mastery system is based around using every single Warframe and weapon, it be nice to hold on to something so valuable while exploring everything the game has to offer.

Obviously this would be restricted to Warframes and only when selling them with a reactor you put in it and with a fee.

Maybe something like forfeiting the profit from selling it and paying an extraction fee.

Curious as to what others would think about this, I know the developers have to make money somehow but considering

( i think...) people wouldn't be selling Warframes all that often it might be an option.

forgot to add a tl;dr

When selling a Warframe having the option to pay a substantial amount of credits to extract the reactor from it.

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Personally, I feel that their business model is realtively fair as it is right now. Thus, I don't think it would be a good step to enable players to sidestep it like this. Slots and to a lesser extent potatoes are the only real drags to the shop, I doubt they would want to eliminate them as an incentive to purchase plat.

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It's a good idea in theory, but there are many who don't even spend the FREE platinum they're given on slots. So it'd essentially null out a large portion of the game's revenue simply because they could just retrieve the reactor from a Frame before selling it, and essentially never need to buy a slot.

It's one of those things where it sounds good and all, but when you actually do it it can come back and horribly backfire.

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Yeah I can see it hurting that area of the market since slots an catalysts are pretty much the main things desired. That's why it would be restricted to warframes and not weapons. But even then it's still a Decent chunk

Such a shame though having to throw way something you waited to randomly get then build it, wait for the build time and then picking something to put it in.

Doesn't help not seeing a reactor or catalyst in about a week.

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