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Unbelivable Framerate Lag On The Liset


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aside from that insipid computer which makes me want to stop playing every time i hear his pretentious cicero-from-skyrim impressions, I am starting to have major problems on the liset.


I'm running a computer that runs normal levels filled with toxic ancients, rain and nvidia particles without any scratch to the FPS. I have been able to do this consistently without fail on the computer.


yet when i try and walk around my own home ship, which isnt even a tile big, with no particles, my frames are cut to thirty.

when i go into the navigation menu, my frames drop to five


I don't even know what the solution is because I don't know how they managed to stuff up that bad.



as aside, the cramped space, still locked modules(because they still haven't fixed the vor mission, i regret even trying that prologue) and Tiny UI only multiply the issue.

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