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Problems With Alerts


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I have had two problems with alert missions so far.  The first was on Friday.  There was an alert on Olympus - Mars for a Forma blueprint.  it was to defend the orokin artifact in that big open cave.  I found a group and we were doing fine, until a host migration occured around wave 5.  I was left on my own and was unable to survive, much less defend the relic.  The problem is that the alert disappeared for me, but not for others after this.


The second is an alert on Sedna, Survival vs the infested.  For one, they barely dropped mini life support capsules, but that could just be terrible luck.  When 5 minutes rolled around, and extraction point did not show up on the map.  Our time ran out due to low amount of available life support, and while running around we found the extraction point.  However, even with all four of us gathered there, we could not extract.  One member reported that they could not see extraction there, although I do not know if that means simply the lack of waypoint (which no one had) or if he couldn't see the warframe imprint that signifies an extraction.


Addendum: Apparently the extraction unlocks at 10 minutes on survival alerts.  Did not know this was the case.

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Just had the same issue with an alert on Lilith, Europa.  I don't think I saw more than two enemies at a time for the first five minutes, and the LS module drop rate for infested already seems low.  O2 ran out at 8:48.


Did not know about the change in extraction time to 10 minutes.  That would've been nice to know, although it wouldn't have made a difference in this case.  The lack of a 5 minute reward/extraction/update seemed like a bug.



Retried alert and ran out of O2 at 9:30.  I found enemies just standing around in the cap rooms, which would help explain the apparent low spawn rate.  I often had troubles with low spawn rate on the Grineer Galleon tileset, and now it seems fruitless to even try.

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