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The Ceres Mission Bug


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There are attributes Guardsman  in all of the  grineer mission. when i played the defense mission, the guardsman will appear once every five minutes.before the update,it will appear in every waves after the 5 waves.


Also, Guardsman now only occurs electrical properties.....


Guardsman will appear every five minutes in the survival mission,that mean i can get 4 beacons in 20 minutes.it also only occurs electrical properties...


i read the news abouts the beacons. i know that the probabiliy of the beacons has been change.i don't know  if this is a bug.if not, even i play this mission evey day evey hours , i also need 1 week to compound the key of the VAY HEK.You know the omega beacons are changed the probailiy and it's needed most.


thanks you

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