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Shadow Of The Dead - Reanimated Enemies Dont Vanish And Count As Enemies


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As the Topic says, our last Orokin Wrack Def run was a disaster. The round we wanted to leave our Nekros casted a Shadow of the Dead and raised Enemies in "different colors" - in our case green and violet glowing ones. some of both vanished after 10 sec, the other stayed and tried to attack the Pod in the middle of the map.


Consequently we were not able to finish the round and had to break up the mission. It is sad and should be looked into.


Btw. This has now happend twice.


[Edit] This was now mine fifth def-run in a row which i couldnt finish because of bugs or stupid game crashes. now i am afraid to play this missiontyps longer than 10 minutes because of these incidents.

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