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Xp Farm After U14



Hello fellow Tenno,

After the xp nerf to Infected faction in U14, where is the best place to farm for it?

Now that Sechura and ODD aren't anymore the best place to level up fast, should we go to Outer Terminus (corpus defense), or directly to Void Towers defense/survival?

Any suggestion will be welcome :)


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With the U14, Xini is under infected control, so the xp earned there is less, sadly.



Eris - Xini 20 waves.

1 run 10-15 levels assuming you only have 1 weapon equipped. 

I tend to play interception on Eris - Viver (corpus) or on Ceres - Draco (grineer).


Not only do you get T4 keys after staying for 3+ rounds, you also get loads of XP!


Additionally, the kind of players that farm there are generally more advanced meaning its not annoying and you can leech XP from their kills too. I have levelled up a lot of weapons and warframes using this method!


Hope this helps :)

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