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[Lore Concspiracy Theory] Grineer Bio-Logical Discovery


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Friends, Tenno, Countrymen. I have unearthed a hidden discovery within some of the grineer's anatomy. Using infared, I discovered this:




Blue/Dark Colors= Cold ( The conspiracy element)

Green=Semi Hot (From light)

Yellow= Hot (From Light)

Red= HOT (From light and grineer visor)


The infared goes through any material but, nothing within the helmet and body armor of this grineer soldier showed any signs of life heat. This leads to the thought that terrifyingly, grineer aren't above the choice of killing themselves for utter grineer dominance. What does this mean you ask? 5 words:








This leads to the thought that some of the grineer's infantry and possibly higher core ranks of the grineer militia/Military.


What do you think fellow peeps of da lotus.


Upvote, Reply and follow if you agree! =3 


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Mabey its not that there completely mechanical or mostly, I think that its mostly dead or the bare minimum of alive. Cut up a grineer with a bladed weapon and steam comes out no matter how thin or thick the armor is. So maybe their almost dead except for the fact that they carry life support inside their body's.


Well I guess that would make them mechanical enough.

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