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Host Migration Or Disconnect


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Alright I'm writing this in hopes of actually gaining information pertinent to when i will be able to play again.

Since update 14, every time I try to run missions with my clan-mates, at seemingly random points throughout every (yes, I mean EVERY) mission I briefly freeze followed by either being host migrated into my own little world, or disconnected from multiplayer.


(Edited) This is occuring in the middle of the mission itself, and not during loading in or voting.


For the sake of simplifying this Network analysis shows all systems nominal, and I have UPnP disabled along with manually forwarded ports. Router side everything is working, the ports ARE indeed open, and I am well and fully aware that MY network is not at fault for this.

I apologize for the generally frustrated tone of the post, but this is game-breaking for me, and unfortunately I'll now have to shelf Warframe until once again multiplayer issues can be fixed.


Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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This problem is the same for me as well. I usually end up disconnecting somewhere near half the mission or near the end. I start laggin likes there's no tomorrow and my frame time spikes up to 2000. I even get disconnected from the games that I'm hosting such as void missions mostly.


Much of this has been happening when trying to join missions publicly on matchmaking. I either disconnect at the start of the mission or load in too slow and die by the time I load in. 

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