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Dojo Grand/greatest/grandest Hall Problem



Hi, sorry if this has been brought up before but I couldn't find any information on it.


So I inherited a clan from a few players. The problem begins in the fact that they built the Dojo to be about as ugly and illogically as possible (and frankly I'm embarrassed to bring people to my Dojo).


I built up a new main area which is unfortunately centered around the Grandest hall, which was off in some random corner of the dojo at the time. And of course... the Greater Hall just happens to be on the absolute opposite end of the abnormally lengthy and rediculously shaped Dojo. 


Now, the new area I built is great, I moved all the labs and everything important, the old Dojo is basically stripped clean of everything possible and as long as I don't look at it it's like the old Dojo doesn't exist... except I do have this massive growth of ridiculously haphazardly placed rooms and corridors parasitically feeding off the new dojo, and sorta eating away at my OCD, lol.


I realize I need the smaller halls as pre-requisite to the grandest hall... but I'm willing to build more to delete the old ones, but I can't see that option.


Is there anything at all that I can do to remedy this without destroying the whole entire thing?






Is there a way to either move the old greater/grand halls or build a new second one of each elsewhere so that I can then destroy the old one?

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