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Changes To Key Bindings Reset After Exiting Game


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I recently re-installed the game when update 14 was posted on the steam front page.

I changed the hotkeys for crouch, jump, use, and roll (Mouse 3 was set to roll and 'use selected power' with default control settings).


Within the past day or two, I changed the keys again for jump, roll, and use, but not crouch. After one of the hotfixes, I started the game and jump, roll, and use reverted back to their previous settings. I set the keys again to what I wanted, and it worked fine. However, when I exited the game and came back, they reverted again back to their previous settings before the hotix. I am exiting using the escape key and selecting exit the game with the menu.


I have to set these 3 keys again every time I start the game now. They never save.


I don't know if this was due to the hotifx, but the timing of the issue seems significant.

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