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New Starmap, How To Unlock Derelict Missions



Hi, i'm a bit confused with this new map system, and i know that if i want to use my Derelict Keys i have to use the Derelict menu ( similar to the Void menu I guess ) but i can't find how to unlock it. Does someone know how to do so ?

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I do know there should be a navigation orb, but there isn't , that's why i though i should unlock it in a way or another.


And yes i had one key ( Survival ) and i made a second one ( Defense ) to try to unlock it and still no OD navigation orb.


Am I missing something ?


Edit: I just realised something, even if i previously made the key via the foundry, they aren't listed as keys in my inventory, instead they are still blueprints, but i can't craft them anymore in my foundry because they also aren't listed.

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