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Do Status Chance Affect Dmg Or Just Proc?





Im a bit curious about this topic. I dont have the weakness in to consideration in these examples.


Example 1:

2k blast

18% status


I have 2k blast dmg on my penta. Will i therefore do 2k dmg to a infested, and knock them over 18% of the time?



Example 2

2k blast

2k corrosive

18% status


Now I have a extra 2k corrosive, will I do 4k dmg to a infested and have a 18% chanse of knock them over and/or reduce armor?

Or do I do 2k dmg and another 2k if that 18% status proc?


And last bu not least, 18% is per enemy right? not per grenade


This is a bit messy question.

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