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I want hydroid so badly so i went to ceres 


about six hours later i can get only sixteen delta beacon and nothing else


my clan members said that i can get kappa,delta,gamma,omega at ceres


and they also said that delta beacon is hard to get then i got sixteen delta beacon


i search for the maps with my party i went to varro, casta, nuovo


so i think that it maybe a bug that can get only delta beacon


is it wrong? or just me and my party's bad luck? 

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Yes, me and my party played many parties yesterday (sabotage, survival, defense) on Ceres and always the same purple guy came to us. Dropping Delta beacons. After over 10 parties, one of them (same purple guy) dropped a single Kappa beacon, and when my Nekros used Desecrate, the corpse dropped another beacon (not Delta nor Kappa).


We tried again for few parties but only got Delta again. There's something wrong...

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