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Host Migration Bug/fix/info?


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I'm pretty certain that this has been posted multiple times to which I must apologize ahead of time to the forum police.


At what point can we as a community get some DE feedback on this issue? This is the 10th time  since I've logged on this morning to find Hosts dropping from games. Whether or not this is intended, I hope this issue be it bug or via player's and exploits or whatever they may be can be looked at and hopefully 'hotfix'd' as soon as possible.


I've lost 10 levels just now on my Ember Prime leveling session and it's rather frustrating get that high and have it rolled back because I am unable ot reconnect to games and it tosses me back on my Ordis broom closet deluxe.


I am well aware of the option to play solo, with friends and privately but I enjoy playing with other people. I'm not intending for this to be some whine fest, but merely a question. Which hopefully can be answered without negative commentary.


To the forum moderators: If this is in the wrong place, I apologize. Move it as you see fit.

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