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Derelict Mission Key Unobtainable


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I started to craft derelict mission key to kill lefantis, then i logout. Came back earlier, and i didnt saw a key in Progress Tab  or Completed Tab in foundry, so  i couldnt receive it. Tried to craft another key - there is no option for lefantis key in foundry. Thought it could be that blueprint for keys are now for 1 use only, yet i have the blueprint in inventory and i cant buy the second one in market.


So my prediction that the crafted key lies in Completed Tab, yet i cannot take it or see it there. And the game restrics me from crafting another.


Any suggestions?

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I've got this issue a few times. For me what fixes it is just spam clicking claim until it actually claims it. I have a turbo function like thing on my mouse which made it easy for me.

I dont even see a completed key in foundry, so i cant attack the claim button. =)

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