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Can't Skip Cutscenes With Custom Keys


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So I've gone and tested this a few times, just to make sure.

The default skip cutscene key is the default jump key (spacebar).

Well, if you change the jump key (I have mine set as 'A') you can't skip cutscenes.

On the first cutscene, if you tap spacebar quick enough, you can skip it, but if you don't do so quick enough, it will "register" that your jump key is different, and it will no longer work.

I tried changing my keys back to default, and skipping cutscenes worked fine.

If it helps, I have also tried pressing 'A' and the spacebar, as well as every other key on my keyboard. Also, my spacebar key is to go backwards, in case that helps as well.

I would love to see this fixed in a future update. Thanks for your time!

Edit: Aww crap, I put this in the wrong forum section, I thought I had clicked General Bugs. Sorry guys. If someone can move this, I'd appreciate it.

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