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[Suggestion] Bladestorm Animation Ideas.


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My idea for a new Bladestorm animation revamp is something like Mitsunari's charge attack in Sengoku Basara, he does a fast slash in front of him and a thousand slashes are seen while Mitsunari slowly sheaths his sword, this happens while he's not attacking, or gives off the impression that he attacks so fast, you don't even see the individaul slashes, then once he locks it, each enemy suddenly falls to the ground in pieces.


Here's an example of Mitsunari's Charged Attack, skip ahead, it's at 7:30-7:35 in the video.


Though this idea means that Bladestorm isn't a large AoE attack. My other suggestion is similar, only after Ash attacks all 12 enemies with the large AoE, he reappears at his original location from where he started the move and slowly sheaths his sword while having his back turned against his enemies, slowly lifts up his head toward you, then the screen turns a vibrant red with blood spatters around the enemies as they fall to the ground in pieces.


This should probably be in the animation section, but it also ties in with Ash seeing as how he has other areas that needs work, so I just decided to leave it here, though I wouldn't mind if it could be moved to the Art & Animation section.

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I'm not shameless advertising here but Ash is probably a solid deal. How about a new frame?

Cuz I see you quote from Mitsunari Ishida of Basara 3 which I recommend you take a look on skill 3.




I think that idea for Blade should be more or less considered for Excaliber since his skills revolve around the use of melee weapons, same for Ash. plus DE mentioned they would add more skills for each frame later down the line. So the suggested skills for that frame would be better for Ash or Excaliber as new or revamped skills instead of a new frame altogether.


Imo, DE needs to focus alittle more on the current frames rather then just pumping out new ones which will no doubt have broken, underpowered, or overpowered skills, which means another frame that would need work on top of the current frames that have yet to be fixed or get a second look at.

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I agree with you.

Pumping new frames is not our expectation. Pity but true, the mastery system depends on NEW frames and weapons. Also the repetitive game content need farming to support, and new frames give players a excuse to farm. This is indeed a unhealthy cycle to a game.


Back on topic:

1) Rework of skills functioning

"We are going to give the frames new skills, who bother to fix the old crap?"

Just worried about that.

Devs said they will work on them so it shouldn't be a big problem


2) Rework of animation

Like I always been talking skill moves of WF is tend to be simple like raise up the hand or both - Done!

If they really consider to remake them in a more delicate that will be a big work load.

I hope this will happen even it seems not very possible =/

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