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Unresponsive Ui After Equipping A Sentinel


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I was using a kubrow and decided to equip a sentinel. It equipped, without an weapon, so I put a weapon in its slot. When I wanted to see what config was loaded, no mods appeared and the warframe couldn't move. Back button doesn't work, esc button either. The warframe is basically locked in place, the only option being to alt f4 the game.



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Had this a few times myself, when switching from kubrow to sentinel. I believe it could be a bug related to Kubrows not having a weapon, and when switching to a sentinel, the weapon slot appearing causes some issue that the UI code can't handle.


On the other hand, when I just equip the sentinel and ignore the weapon slot, the game adds the burst laser to it when I start a mission, and doesn't crash either. So there were thoughts about switching from no-weapon companions to weaponized ones. Giving them their default weapons - or if possible, their last used weapon - would be better though :)

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