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Mirage Chassis Bug In The Foundry


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After 10 hours and something, I got disconnected due to a bug splat occuring before killing vay hek (I'm saying this because this may or may not be relevant, as it was the last time I checked the foundry) After the mission, in which we didn't get an argon crystal, we went into a capture IV, and Vor gave us (me and my friend, who bought the chassis with me) the argon crystal for the blueprint. 
Then, I went into the foundry and SURPRISE, I "hadn't" build the chassis, and it lied waiting for construction. So I spent an orokin cell and my argon crystal will dissapear for nothing. ¬¬ (Hers is perfectly fine)
I'm wondering if someone had the same issue, because it's pretty annoying having to face so many bugs.

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