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Stalker Spawing In Dark Sector Defense (Player Invulnerability) Bug(S)


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Summary: Game UI bugged out during second wave of Dark Sector Defense on Pluto Sechura, when Stalker spawned and subsequently downed my frame. Upon reviving my frame was completely invulnerable to damage. I have provided screen shots of the situation when able.

Players: This mission was played with two other players, in a PUG group.

Details: During the first wave of the mission I recieved notice that the Stalker is after my frame. Stalker spawned on second wave directly on my character (above the defense pod) instantly killing my Mirage. There was no option to be revived during bleedout only the revive or forfeit screen. During the revive screen I was placed is spectator mode of another player. When selecting the revive option the UI did not update showing zero ratings on shield and health of my frame in addition to my kubrow. UI showed wave 2 and spectator text continually until it actually was wave 5 where I exited the mission.

The biggest issue was during last 3 waves (after frame death) it was completely invulnerable to enemy infested attacks.

The following screen shots are of my frame loadout and mods (taken after the incident):

Immediately after reviving:




Frame Mods:


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