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3 Different Matchmaking Crashes & 1 Bug(Failed To Create Session, Leave Squad, Please Wait; Mission Selection)


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All these came from trying to host a Dark Sector PVP conflict, it may be related to that mission type but the crashes/bugs all happened before the mission even started.

Unfortunately I was only able to submit a crash report on #Crash 2, so I decided to put together all of the consecutive crashes in the forum.




#Bug1 [Planet Selection]

Promoting  "Hosting Dark Sector PVP", 3 players join, somehow another mission was already selected by another player. As the host I could not select any other mission and only "Accept" or "Decline". 2 players declined but the other 2 could not choose any option.




#Crash 1 [Leave Squad as a host]

From continuation of #Bug1, I told I'd dismantle the party and reinvite. As soon as I pressed leave squad the game froze and crashed.


#Crash 2

Promoting "Hosting Dark Sector PVP", 3 players join and were warned not to be on planet view (to avoid #Crash1). Mission selection was successful, the screen went dark and the message "Failed to create session, please try again" appeared. The game froze and crashed.


#Crash 3

This one I think it's known but still worth mentioning. To avoid #Crash1 and #Crash2 I simply joined a public match,  the message "please wait" appeared, the message remained while sound and background were still active, after a short while the game froze and crashed.


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