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Angry Birds Warframe


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I thought of this, cracked myself up as I think of Captain Pork launching himself to Redcaliber (Red bird+Excaliber), or Yellloki (Yellow bird+Loki).


Tenno birdframe:

Excaliber: use Slash Dash towards location touched

Loki: Switch Teleport, or Radical Disarm that also slightly push pigs/objects away from him

Mag: Pull

Volt: Shock (works like Piglatine's in Angry Birds Star Wars II)

Rhino: destroy any objects/pigs Rhino comes contact to

Valkyr: Ripline works like harpoon

Frost: Freeze

Ember: Fireball can set wood on fire, spreading to other woods

Mirage: Prism is launch to location touched, touching the screen again will blow up in three lasers firing in random directions

Zephr: Divebomb towards location touched

Ash: throws 3 shurikens

Banshee: Sonic Boom pushes enemies away

Nova: Antimatter Drop

Oberon: fires Smite that will split into three smaller Smites when it contacts a surface/pig

Hydroid: 2 water tentacles emerge from Hydroid and spins around him

Vauben: turns Vauben into Vortex

Nekros: Soul Punch

Sayrn: kills all pigs within her Miasma radius

Nyx: fires 3 Physic Bolts simultaneously in a shotgun fashion towards location touched


Can you guys think of something for Trinity, she'll be lonely if she doesn't have a good power to join the Tenno birdframes


Or join the Hogeer Empire:

Captain Pork: fires Orolin laser to location touched for 3 sec

General Sargas Ruk: flamethrower

Kela De Thaym: fire a big rocket to location touched

Tyl Regor: Slash Dash

Lech Kril: spin with his Brokk

Counciler Vay Hek: when screen is touched, Hek will release electricity around his body, work like Piglatine's in Angry Birds Star Wars II

butcher: slash with cleaver

lancer: fires 3 bullets

elite lancer: fires 5 bullets

hellion: fires 3 small rockets, firing will cause him to jump like Jango/Boba Fett in Angry Birds Star Wars II

scorpion: harpoon

commander: Switch Teleport

machine gunner: fires 7 bullets in an inaccurate fashion towards location touched

shield lancer: holds shield in front to protect from objects, shield breaks after hitting three objects/enemies

eviscerator: fires 2 ricocheting blades


Or the Porkus:

Alad V: fire surounds him, burning wood and destroying objects/enemies

Sergent Nef Anyos: fire 1 fast, powerful laser to location touched

Raptor: fires 3 lasers at location touched

Jackal: launch 2 grenades at location touched

Hyena LN2: freeze anything it touches

Hyena Ng: burn any wood it touches

Hyena Pb: fires 10 bullets in random directions

Hyena Th: charge in direction it's moving

Ambulas: Pull

prod crewman: slash with baton

elite crewman: fires laser beam to location pressed for 2.5 sec

fusion MOA: deploy on its path a drone that fires 2 lasers to nearest enemy (note that the drone is unmobile, and drone can die from contact to anything)

mine osprey: plant 3 mines that blow on impact

scavenger osprey: vaccum up anything lightweight/enemies underneath it

shockwave MOA: when screen is touched, MOA will slam down

anti-MOA: its laser ricochet off anything

crewman: fires 3 lasers simultaneously in a shotgun fashion

oxium osprey: suicide bomb to location touched


There will be more ideas, but you guys can chime in on your ideas as well.  The more the merrier.  Static*

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