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Quick Question Regarding Trading, Been Gone For Awhile.


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Like the title states i've been on a long hiatus from warframe and as a result i have not been keeping up with all of the changes made to the trading system, as well as what the hot items are (although i can pretty much figure that out just by watching the trading chat) and as a result of a friend telling me that void keys are now tradable, i'd like to ask one question. What would the following keys be worth?


1x Tower I Survival

1x Tower I Defense

2x Tower II Survival

1x Towet III Capture


P.S. It's good to be back.

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Figured as much. Left after spending a week farming for the rhino prime parts when he came out and never got them.. just now decided to come back and see what the new update was like. So far i haven't been disappointed with the UI change although it took me awhile to figure out why i wasn't getting my kurbrow egg.

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