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Arsanal Color Bug When Scroll Down


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I figured out what happens (to me anyways). Moving your mouse over the different color choices of a particular pallete while scrolling up/down the pallete choices will freeze the Appearance UI, as well as changing the color of the particular tint you selected into the last color your mouse was before freezing.


You can get out of this by clicking that ever present button on the top left corner, selecting Navigation (or anywhere else other than Arsenal). The in-ship teleport will get you out of this bug.  Then you're free to go back to Arsenal and change your colors again, hopefully not bugging out in the process.


Easily avoidable by:

1.  Moving your pointer away from the colors before scrolling up/down

2.  Not scrolling while choosing your preferred color


Tested it a few times by deliberately doing the opposite of what I listed above. The UI froze each time, and I got away each time by going to Navigation. The whole bug as well as the fix are reproduced by clan members.


Hopefully this works for you!

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