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Inviting Players Through Chat Bug And Accidental Solar Map Clicking Bug.


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Not sure if this happens to everybody, but it also happens to people that I have asked and it's easily reproducible.

When inviting players to my lobby through chat, as soon as I invite them the chat will keep it's opaque black background even after minimizing it, and I am not able to press anything. The picture below shows the opaque background around the text, in that picture I am unable to do anything apart from typing in chat and pressing Alt-F4.




I found a small workaround which is a pain to do due to another bug.

When I am inviting people and I keep the solar map in the background, I will not get the opaque chat issue.
However when clicking on different peoples names, it also will click whatever it behind the chat (the planets)
The image above shows that when I am clicking on the trading chat while in the solar map it also is highlighting the planet Saturn, this becomes extremely annoying when clicking through peoples names because almost every time I click on somebodies name to invite through chat it also clicks on a planet behind it. I end up continuously pressing escape because if I click on names when a planet is open in the background, it selects the mission behind it, which every player in the lobby then has to decline, if they haven't already left because I accidentally selected the mission that they did not want.
The image above shows the trading chat being selected along with the mission behind it.


So my last option is to invite people through the escape menu and by typing out their whole name, which can become quite tedious.


So if the opaque chat bug and the accidentally clicking things on the solar map bug could be fixed that would be great.

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