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Game Locks Out When I Send Invites To Players


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If I am not in the navigation menu or the escape menu (effectively, standing in the middle of my ship, not interacting with anything) And I send an invite to a player to join my group, I get locked out: I can't press ESC, can't exit the chat, and can't move my frame or interact with anything on my ship, effectively leaving me frozen and unable to move or otherwise start the game, which forces me to Alt-F4 and reinvite everyone.

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Just had the same problem. Im inviting people to my squad and when minimizing the chat to move around im frozen.

The game is still running fine and I can move around the ingame mouse crusor but other than maximizing my chat again there was nothing I could do.


I was able to chat with everyone until I closed a PM chat with someone else. After I did that I couldnt even use the chat anymore as it seemed frozen. The idle animation of my warframe was still playing and I could hear the background noise and Ordis. But the game didnt accept any input and the chat was broken.


Uploaded my EE.log here: http://pastebin.com/uuA5pnG6

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