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Reapers Regiment Now Recruiting For Our Global Gaming Community


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Reapers Regiment Now Recruiting players to join our global gaming community.

We are looking for Eu/Uk players to fill our ranks out so we have an even split of 50/50 players from America and Europe.

We are looking to recruit 18Yo+ players who use a mic and enjoy communicating well to achieve what ever goals we set out to achieve.

We have a fully researched and decked out dojo a custom emblem and a website as we are a multi game multi platform clan.

We have a storm clan with 73 members at the moment and wont be going any bigger so things dont start getting impersonal.

Players of all skill levels will be considered, we take good people over big egos and trouble makers and quality over quantity, so if you like the sound of reapers regiment feel free to drop me a message on the psn @ pablo25505 and we will arange a little chat.

TENNO alone we are strong together we ae UNSTOPPABLE

Hope to hear from you soon (: PSN pablo25505

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