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Wts Mods And Parts

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Accelerated Blast - 5p

Energy Channel - 5p

Pistol Pestilence - 5p

Power Throw - 5p

Rage - 5p

Streamline - 5p

Sundering Strike - 5p

Tainted Clip - 5p

Virulent Scourge - 5p


Fleeting Expertise - 10p




Decisive Judgement - 20p


Prime Parts:


Akbronco Prime BP (x3)

Bo Prime Ornament (x4) - 4p

Boar Prime BP

Boltor Prime Barrel

Boltor Prime Receiver

Braton Prime Barrel

Braton Prime BP

Bustom Prime Stock

Latron Prime Stock (x2)

Loki Prime BP

Mag Prime BP

Paris Prime LL

Paris Prime UL

Sicarus Prime Barrel (x2)

Wyrm Prime BP



Add me in-game.

Also looking to trade for Dakra Prime Handle.

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