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Things That I Noticed. . .


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ok, first off, slightly tired, so I might ramble a bit.


A couple of things that I noticed while playing the game:


1.  There are only about 3-4 auras that peop,le use on a regular basis (Steel Charge, Energy Syphon, the health regen one, and maybe one more that I can't think of right now).  This seems a shame to me, because of how awesome some of the other one's are.  The problem that I see is that the warframe slots (not including auras) only supports mods centered around your powers and survivability (with a few exceptions).  Really, in order to open it up, maybe make it so that there's some other mods in there, more towards focusing one one weapon slot or something.  Dunno, but I haven't seen/heard a lot of suggestions to use the other auras.


2.  Most of the map nodes have a very basic formula to them that the player base has established:  Rush to objective, do objective, rush to finish.  This gets pretty boring for me, and I figure some other people.  The one's that don't have their own fomula for that.  Defense (non infested) Frost around the pod, kill everything.  Defense (Infested) Vaubaun CC everything, then kill everything.  Survival get a nekros (and maybe a nyx to meditate around him), have him spam desecrate, and kill everything. Interception seems like a great example of people not having a "meta" around it that (I've seen a large variety of different playstyles around that, but most of the time it's "everyone grab a spot and defend the bejuses outta it).


3.  Enemies are just mostly fodder unless it's bosses.  Most of the game is fodder, so I see a massive amount of AoE weapons on a regular basis.  I'm to blame on this also, my favorite weapon to use is the Ignis, but I see less of those than Pentas.  I see those things when I'm PUGging all the time, at least one person has that, most of the time someone with Penta and someone with Angstrum.  Even on most bosses, just grabbing an AoE weapon is enough to nuke them back to the 20th century.  I would like to see more viable weapon choices, more than just "I'll just default to my penta except for those few bosses that are immune to AoE.


4.  Love the new(ish) boss in the Void, totally immune to explosions, and their vunerable spot is easy to spot, easy to guess, but a pain the keister to hit because of his mechanics.  That's a good thing and a bad thing, cause most of the groups that I'm in, they just have a valkyr face tank him and clear everything else until they can turn their attention to him. Then they just melt him.  But it's stopped people from just bringing the AoE and smashing everything in sight all at once.


TL:DR  I want some variety in my Space Ninja Dog Breeders!

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When I first started playing Auras were totally seperate from the frames, you could actually see what someone was using before you started you mission, so you could then select an Aura to compliment the team.

That gave you the freedom to have a couple of team members to use Energy Siphon, while the other 2 players could then use whatever was needed for the mission, against infested it would be Steel Charge, against Grineer Rifle Amp, against Corpus Shield disruption. or whatever else like Rejuvenation etc

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I have to agree on most of these points. :T


I play solo, take things at my own pace, so I cna go as fast or as slow as I want. I do get the objectives in Capture finished ASAP, but then I sort of take an hour running around, killing everything that spawns, and looting everything. I rpefer using weapons like Dread, Attica, Ballistica, and melee weapons, so my bullets always have a travel time, and thenonly AOE I have is an Agstrum, and that's only because I didn't want any of the 15 argon crystals I got from void yesterday go to waste.


When I fight a boss, I see how I can kill it in new ways each time. currently, my favourite way is Dual Zorens, with Swirling Tiger, against Lech Kril :3

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