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New Enemy Concepts


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Grineer Executioners

Lore: Grineer society is rough. Not all the Lancers are good so when any of them are caught doing an act of crime against their leaders, it's the Executioners that step up to show all the grunts what happens when you betray your ruler. Many Grineer settlements have at least one Executioner to maintain order and to create an air of fear that keeps any from even thinking of treason. 



Weapon: A modified Grineer version of the Scindo

Basically the same as any Grineer Heavy.

Movement: Moves slow

Damage: Melee. Hits like a truck. Hits automatically inflict bleed.


-Heavy Hitter



-Slow as a brick

-Easy to kite

Reason for Idea:

The Grineer don't have any Heavy Melee units so why not have one with a giant axe?



Grineer Crushers/Widows

Lore: Grineer are testing some experimental weapons. Super-sized Furaxes that pack a serious punch. Users have to be pumped with drugs in order to even lift the heavy guantlets. Males are Crushers, Females are Widows.


Weapons: Super Furaxes(Haven't came up with a name) Impact damage. Slow like the Power Fists. Widow may strike at a faster rate.

Health: Crusher is a little beefier than a Trooper. Widow is the same as a Scorpion

Movement: Running Speed like Scorpions and Power Fists.


-Hit Hard


-Slow Punch

-Easy to kill

Reason for Idea:

-Replacement for Power Fists at Higher levels, similar to how Butchers are replaced by Scorpions and Guardsmen at higher levels.



The Corpus Falcon

Lore: Don't really have any right now. The Corpus had lots of money and they built giant robots with lots of guns? It's unstable.



Gatling Plasma Cannon, Similar to Corpus Crewman guns but shoots alot faster

Mine Launcher: Shoots Osprey Mines from a distance. Sometimes it shoots multiple mines around itself

Fusion Drone: A Drone with Double Fusion Guns. Double the lasers, double the pain. It actively shoots at targets, even ones separate from the Falcon itself. After the Falcon gets low on Health, the Drone detaches and flys around, similar to Fusion Moa Drones.

Health: More than a Grineer Heavy, plus a beefy Proto Shield to back it up. Both Arms are destroyable, similar to the Jackal. Once both arms are gone, the Falcon detaches the Drone immediately and walks towards the players. After a bit, it explodes.

Movement: Walking Speed


-Too Tanky

-Too Many Guns


-No arms means its a dead Falcon

Reason for Idea:

Corpus need more Heavies. This is pretty Heavy.



Suggestions are appreciated. Most of this stuff is probably OP, so I'll need the feedback. I'll be updating this post from time to time. It's pretty fun making fan concepts :)

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