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Recruiting New Players To A Small (But Developed) Clan In A Fun Alliance


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Hello everyone!

The "Hellenics" clan is now recruiting active members into the clan. We currently have a partially developed dojo with blueprints available for research. The alliance we are in is focused purely on having fun and helping one another out in whatever way possible.

If your a new player, or just someone looking to join a fun, active clan, leave a message!



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Greetings everyone,

Although this post should have been made upon thread creation it is my pleasure present to you, the rules and requirements for the clan "Hellenics"

First off, a quick introduction! I'm Greekgillie or you can call me Dimitri. I'm currently the second in charge for the Novice Clan Hellenics.

Inter Clan & Alliance Etiquette:

-All though this game is meant for a mature audience we still strive to be as mature as possible.

-There shall be ZERO tolerance for anyone trash talking other members/players

-If a clan member or alliance member asks for help and you might be able to help, it is appreciated.

-Scamming clan or alliance members is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.

-Demanding the leadership to work on specific blueprints and or dojo rooms without contributing will result in removal of the clan. Please ask nicely, it won't hurt :)

Ranking Structure:

So far in executive ranking there is only myself and Great Grekos and we are currently looking for dedicated members who are willing to participate in the clan to receive executive ranks. Every member will start at the lowest rank and after contribution and participation will gradually rank up.

The final requirement we need all our members to do is have fun! Don't hesitate to ask us anything.

Hope everyone enjoys their membership in the clan.



Second in command for the clan Hellenics

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Hi, I would like to join your clan . I have been playing the game for a few months so I am fairly experienced. However I have never understood the trading, I would be grateful if you could teach me.         Many thanks,           Fellow Warframe Player.

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