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[Warframe Concept] Vótsalo, The Skipping Stone


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Vótsalo - Pebble


General Idea:

So, with all of the ideas for an earth frame needing to be incredibly tanky, I've decided to go along a different route, and come up with an idea for a highly mobile damage dealer.





Health: 125 (375 at max)

Shields: 100 (300 at max)

Energy: 100 (150 at max)

Armor: 50

Sprint Speed: 1.1

Stamina: 100




1. Project Barricade

Vótsalo raises a column of earth and flings it forward, dealing impact damage and stopping in place upon contacting an enemy. The pillar then stays in place, allowing it to be used as cover, or a way to block enemy advancements.


Cost: 25

Damage: 200/350/500/650 Impact

Duration: 15/20/25

Can only damage a single target.

Damage affected by power strength.

Pillar duration affected by power duration.

Cannot be cast in air.


2. Earthen Shroud

Gathering rock and metal alike, Vótsalo creates a protective cloak around themselves. This cloak shields the warframe from incoming damage, and is capable to move while doing so at gradually increasing speeds. Weapons cannot be used during this time, but enemies are knocked aside and dealt impact damage if they find themselves in front of this living landslide. When Vótsalo falls with the shroud active from a certain height, an effect similar to Heavy Impact occurs.  Pressing the button again begins a rapid decay cycle of the shroud, giving the frame a short duration in which they remain within the shroud without paying energy.


Cost: 40 + 7/sec

Shroud Health = Health + Shields

Decay Rate = 10%/sec

Damage: 50/75/125/200

Speed increase: 0.10/.15/.20

Speed increase applies when headed in the same direction for 7 seconds at the 1st stage, 9 at 2nd, and 11 at the 3rd.

Speed mods increase this affect.

Decay rate and time between each tick of energy being used affected by power duration.

Damage is affected by power strength


3. Bound

Bound, while only usable when Earthen Shroud is in use, adds even more mobility, allowing the user to jump into the air when the ability is active.

Cost: 5

Height: 3/4/5m

Height jumped is affected by power strength.

Can be used once while in mid-air.


4. Skip

Vótsalo tosses a small stone at the targeted enemy, dealing a small percentage of their health as impact damage and weakening them to further damage. It then skips to another friendly or enemy within range. If it touches a friendly, it gives them a small damage bonus.

Cost: 100

Damage: 4/5/6/7%

Damage taken increase: 6/10/14/20%

Damage Boost: 15/20/25/30%

Damage Boost Duration: 5/7/9/11secs

# of Bounces: This part is tricky, as I have no idea what number would be the difference between useless and OP.

Damage Boost and Bounce # is affected by power strength.

Bounce # is also affected by power duration.

Bounce distance is affected by power range.

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