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Sword/shield Concept: Perseus


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Since Sword/Shield combos are in the game now, and we need more of them, I have an idea for one that'd fit the general naming scheme and play to the strengths such a weapon would have.


The Perseus is a melee weapon designed particularly to deal with the Corpus and Corrupted, to turn their signature weapons back on them and give the Tenno a potent trick up their sleeves.


Description: A large, round shield that fans outward, forming a silver-mirrored image with a stylized face on it (possibly Lotus?) and a razored edge, evoking the Hoplite shield used by Greeks (or Spartans if you prefer). The blade is a long, crescent blade with a widened blade, affixing to the shield like a crescent-moon decoration when not in use.



Proposed utiility: As a weapon, the weapon favours slashing damage, both in the sword and the thrown shield, designed to carve opponents apart. While its not unique in that regard, the defensive applications would set this weapon apart.


The shield's main usage is its reaction to energy weapons - when blocking, energy beams/bolts, lightning, and fire are reflected back along their travel path towards the original aggressor. Flux Rifles cut their opponents apart, Dera pelt lines of Corpus, and Napalms find themselves tasting their own medicine. Stamina is still drained as the weapon's turned back, allowing a Tenno to punish those who'd attack them. Bullets and rockets can be blocked, of course, but not reflected.


Corpus and Corrupted are the obvious best targets for this, though Grineer have at least two units that would suffer from it. Infested only really have electricity crawlers who'd be affected, but the slashing damage makes it a viable weapon against them.


This might work for a Market weapon, though given its esoteric power and general philosophy it might work better as Tenno clantech (and given it's named for the Greek hero, much like the Paris bow, it'd only really work there)>



No art in this one, hence why it's not in fan art. Sorry guys, you'll just have to imagine.




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