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Nyx: Sybaris Clipping Through Arm With Noble Animation


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This seems to happen almsot every time with the Sybaris, i have not noticed it with any other Rifles i own as of yet.

(I am not entireley sure on how to add screenshots, soon as i find out or somone points out how ill post the one i have saved)

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It's not only Nyx and Sybaris. Certain frames with their right arm in a similar position will have clipping issues with primaries who have stocks similar to Sybaris. Most tenno/Orokin-made rifles and shotguns have this. Grineer and Corpus weapons usually don't come with stocks so they're mostly fine.

Pretty much the easiest thing I could think of to fix the issue is to tilt the gun position a little lower so the stock is raised over the arm and not through it, kinda like the way they're held without a selected animation.

I'll see about providing some screen shots when I get home, though you can upload yours on an online image hosting site. They usually create links for use in forums so the image is shown here and not a link.

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