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Love The Kubrow? Want To Use One While Trying A New Breed? Well You Can't.


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Very simply put here:


I like the kubrow,

I want to play with the kubrow,

it takes 3.5 days (2 rushed) to breed a new kubrow,

I can only have 1 active at a time... and apperantly an incubating egg counts as active...



So I cannot play with a big, new feature if I want to take part in using the exact same big, new feature?

---------------play with kubrow-----------------------------------------------breed kubrow-----------------------------



I would ask please DE, consider allowing us to use one 'bro' while the other is being developed. They are awesome. Putting "baby in the corner" for 3.5 days (even rushed it's 2) and staring at an egg is a huge deterrant to being adventurous with the kubrows.


I would politely suggest the following...


I put 'bro' 1 into his pod, but I don't turn it on...

I put 'bro' 1 in my arsenal so he can eat people, 'cause a 'bro's gotta do what he does best...


I breed 'bro' 2 in his very own stasis chamber, since I have a slot for him special... 

still only one out of stasis at a time, we can select which, wait 3 hours or rush. This way I breed more, buy more stasis slots, and get to use one.


Basically they are a sweet toy, and I want to play with both aspects: the bredding AND the slaughtering of bad guys, without waiting 3.5 days.


Thanks for considering.



U14 is so goddddddaaaamnnn sweet by the way, thank you for all of the work on it, and the hotfixes: spectacular.


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Totally agree - I noticed you can't keep your current pet active while the new one is incubating. Kind of disconcerting. You can justify anything, but this just "you must put your pet in stasis to put an egg in the incubator" seems random. If your objective is to sell stasis slots, just make it a rule that you have to have a stasis slot for each pet owned. Easily justified by the long trips tenno make around the solar system.

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