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More Lotus Blunders.


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Was doing War on Mars for some Gallium and there were a few more blunders in her text. First she was telling us how he was getting cyropods. She called what was inside the cryopods, Dormant Warframes. Then a line later said to save your fellow Tenno. Seems weird she would call them Dormant Warframes.


During many missions, she will often tell us when ever the alarms have been tripped. One thing I find odd is when we trip the alarm after the first time. She says something like "youve been detected". Im sitting here like, we were already detected! Of course this happens after you reset the alarms. In any real situation like this, unless the ones in charge give confirmation, they usually remain in "battle status" looking for the intruders.



Just a few more things. Over all, she is really confusing. Her lines often times don't make sense unless you really read into them.

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