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Questions About Extra Stasis Chambers.



I know how some of us got a bug during hotfix 14.0.9 but with some of us have lost our stasis chambers, yet some of us got 2 extra stasis chambers as a result.


I know that DE_Glen said he was going to fix this bug, but I still have some questions regarding this bug and what we can expect in the future. 


Q1. Do we just leave the Bug-acquired stasis chambers alone in the meantime or do we give in to the temptation of acquiring more Space puppies? 


Q2. (I'll use my own extra stasis chambers as an example) I originally had 2 Stasis chambers, and after the hotfix, I gained 2 more stasis chambers. Now say, I used the bug-acquired extra stasis chambers in order to be able to have more Kubrows than I would've been able to own fairly if I hadn't taken advantage of this bug.


What would the penalty be for using those bug-acquired stasis chambers for the incubation of more Kubrows? Would the stasis chambers simply be taken away and the Kubrows inside be sent to the Kubrow pound? 


Q3. For those who had their stasis chambers taken away along with the kubrows inside those stasis chambers as a result of this bug, What sort of compensation would they get for the loss of their beloved space-ninja dog?


Q4. What would happen to the eggs incubating if the extra stasis chambers get taken away and there is no more room for another kubrow? Does the egg simply stop incubating? and if so would the incubation timer be reset for the Kubrow egg that was already incubating when the fix for this stasis chambers bug occurs and we'd have to wait another 2 days or spend another 15 plat for it to hatch?


And that's just about all the questions I can think of having to do with this bug.


If it turns out that some of these questions have already been answered. Please post the answer on this thread, you would be a very awesome space-ninja for it.


I didn't use the stasis chambers, I just asked some of these questions out of honest curiosity and out of concern for what would happen if I do use these bug-acquired stasis chambers that some of the other tenno are no doubt already using to breed more kubrows.

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