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Nova Antimatter Drop Glitch


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Dear Warframe DE & devs,


Please close this thread if it is active somewhere else, but after searching the only threads I found were closed with no resolution.

I love playing Warframe as it is a great game.


However, recently I have been experiencing real frustration with Nova. The antimatter drop ability doesn't work more than 90% of the time when playing online. In this, the orb is released, I can shoot it but it does not absorb any damage or multiply it. Having researched, there is suggestion this can happen whenever a player is not the host and is on Warframe. Quite a number of users have also experienced this, or frequently experience this bug and is even currently on the Warframe wiki as a note. 


I can tell developer base is active from the sheer number of bug fixes and tweaks delivered since release, but it seems this particular bug has gone unnoticed or has been de-prioritised somewhere along the way. This issue potentially affects every user of Nova on Warframe, effectively obsoleting a quarter of Nova's potential usage and has been occurring for some time.


From a personal perspective this is becoming a real frustrating ordeal for me as nova is my favourite frame and I have invested alot of time and resources on her, but I cant seem make use of her abilities because of this problem. 


Please will you consider fixing this in some way at the next possible opportunity.


Many thanks,


A representative of the ninjas everywhere.

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