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Hello i found a bunch of errors in U14 after the patch, heres a list, I have sent this to a DE so they are aware soon. This is just for the forums to see and moderators etc.


1.Rhino Prime Invicibility Exploit

-Includes the mod combination of reflex gaurd max, rage max, quick thinking max, steel fiber max, sentile mod gaurdian max. Melee weapon galatine with reflection etc. and then activation of iron skin then fighting on orokin t4 missions, caption vor cannot kill you with this active or really any lethal dmg after 5mins and energy stays a 0.


2.Orokin T4 Survial random crash, sponsaily crashes when inmission or leaving of mission(Probally reported)


3.Caption Vor in T4 never dieing from mirages attacks if using a primary weapon(Probally reported) 


4. Mutishot gltich on mirages hall of mirrors on amprex(or synpase) can deal over 730MIllion dmg(killed gustag 3 in 2 seconds), killing literally anything. 


5. Gustag 3 Senitile gltiching down player


6. Gustag 3 Vemok never dieing


7. Unlimited Dmg on Ogris - Mirage with hall of mirrors while animing without moving deals a unmarked amount of dmg from the mutishot. causing any target that dies from elemental to die no matter what.


8. Unlisted dmg on Jat Kitag(doing more dmg on that then any other melee weapon using the same melee mods, even prime weapons are doing less even if there listed more)


9 Unlisted dmg on boltor prime(force in the bolts are doing extra dmg then listed), along with Mirages barrage of bolts from hall of mirrors dealing 10x more dmg at least


10.Pack leader on Kubrow giving health back when not meleeing when it is listed from melee dmg, and when doing melee it does not add health back, even at max pack leader instead primary does 36% of the time.


And thank you for reading this hopefully some of these were already reported, and hopefully fix this or if some are not a bug please explain why. 

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